Episode 13

Published on:

16th Dec 2020

Getting Started In Snow & Ice Management

In this episode, Josh Currivan of Currivan Green Co. and the WeScape Podcast talks about all things related to snow and ice management. He covers a variety of topics, such as, his advice on how to add snow and ice management to your list of services, what you need to get started, including the equipment you need, and more. 

Topics on the show today include:

  • His background in the snow and ice industry
  • Considerations when starting out in the snow and ice management industry 
  • Why route dentistry is key to growing your snow and ice management business 
  • How to effectively plan and manage your time on the road 
  • How to set a price for your snow and ice management services 
  • Focusing on commercial vs residential clients 
  • Why you need insurance for snow and ice management 
  • Benefits of joining as a subcontractor as a rookie in the industry
  • Why you should always read the contract and talk to your manager when working with middle management companies 
  • Why it’s important to understand your equipment and it’s capabilities (vehicle, snow blower etc) 
  • How in-person networking in the snow and ice management industry will help you get ahead

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